I'm An Alcoholic In a Bar

The past three weeks I've basically maintained. No change. I'll weigh in officially tomorrow, but if there's no change, there's nothing really to report. Maybe I'll just grumble about it. That will be novel and unique!


Today my boss decided to have a work brunch, complete with donuts and other carby fair. I'm not looking forward to it. Besides it being a waste of time on a short week with plenty to do, I dread it for other reasons: carbs. Food. Social events often form around food, drinks. One person is bringing donuts, the other bagels, neither of which I can eat. It's also in the middle of a time where I wouldn't normally eat.

So I will sit and sip my coffee, and think of all the things I could be accomplishing at my desk if I were there doing my work.

The even worse part of it is probably that I'm not packing a snack or delaying my breakfast so I can eat with everyone else. I had my protein shake this morning, packed my meat and veggies for lunch which I'll eat later, like an ogre at my desk. But I'm not going to bring out my steak and veggies in the middle of the brunch.

Or maybe I will.

Like an alcoholic in a bar, I am. I'll just drink the coffee or water.

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Lori said...

You can do this! It is only food and not good food either. My experience has been that nothing ever tastes quite as good in reality as it did in my imagination.