Challenge Day 3 - Fatigue

Day 3:
No soda/artificially sweetened drinks Nope. Had none.
 No alcohol Check! Accomplished.
At least 20-minutes of walking each day 30 minute walk outside.
Log all calories eaten Very good. Got them all down, but fell under again. It was supposed to be my BIG 2400 calorie day and I got in 2200. I don't know why when I'm allowed to eat all that I can't/don't. Part of it is simply that I'm eating at home and have been busy and it's been exhausting trying to figure out what to eat. And I wasn't hungry. I didn't think it was important enough to stuff myself for.
Water intake of 8 8-oz. glasses per day I definitely hit my mark with the H20. I've been doing much better in that regard.

Now, onto other stuff - I've had a blah day. Not much energy, tired. Just want to sit in a recliner and watch Netflix. That's all. Nothing more.

It's been kind of a long week with my husband working long hours, trying to get everyone everywhere, put food on the table, do laundry... just life things. Maybe it's caught up to me. Or maybe I'm just having one of those days.

Normally I don't bat an eyelash if I need to run downstairs and grab something, or get up for anything. But I'm tired. I'm wondering if that has anything to do with me taking these daily walks. I mean, normally I do one long walk a week (an hour/3 miles) and then two shorter ones and maybe another one. This week I've done 2 long walks and walks inbetween. So maybe it's that "my body fighting me" thing that the doctor was talking about.

Shall be interesting to see if this cycling renders anything in the weight loss department. I'm also going out to dinner Saturday, and won't be able to track calories as well as I have this week.

I just had a lightbulb moment - I wonder if I've not been eating enough calories. I mean, I feel like I'm eating more, but I also feel like I've been scrap-mealing it all week. Yogurt, cream in tea, smoked salmon, hard boiled eggs... because I've been so diligent on tracking calories, I've been skipping having snacks and pulling in more calories (that maybe I haven't been counting). I just have that run down feeling that I've gotten before. I might need to find more nutrient-dense foods.

Everything takes time. I haven't had a salad this week because I haven't had the freaking time to make one.

In sets my frustration again. Normally I'd reach for a Lean Cuisine, but with my carb-counting, it's not even possible anymore. I will be happy when I'm in maintenance and can add some carbs back in to see where it puts me, but I'm also nervous because I just flat out don't have that reactive hypoglycemia when I'm eating this way, which is a nice bonus.

For me, the carbs are like having a gluten intolerance. I have a carb intolerance. But, like the nutritionist said, we should try to figure out what kind of carb. Maybe I can tolerate vegetable carbs, but not wheat carbs (I wouldn't doubt it - feel SO much better since cutting the wheat out). We'll see.

Right now I want to dive head first back in a bag of Russel Stover Crispy things. I should clarify that it was the small bag, with 5 pieces. Not the whole one. Also, I had so much gas it was embarrassing. Truly.

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Mrs Swan said...

Well avoid Whitman's at all cost. Half a serving sends me to the potty of that kind. LOL

I don't think bread carbs effect me as much but I am not testing that theory currently since it will still basically turn into sugar inside the body. Must avoid sugar!! LOL