Weigh In 250

Yesterday I had a moment with my second post of the day. Later that night I contemplated taking it down, but you know what? I feel that way sometimes. It's me.

Last night after eating my bag of sugar free treats, I slept. Then I got up and made dinner. Then I re-read that post. I was feeling better by this time, and it didn't cut into me as badly as it was as I was writing it. But I still felt like I was angry with the world, myself, and I was moody.

The weirdest thing is that I was having issues eating all my calories for the day (2016). I was at 1800 and didn't really want anything. I had some yogurt, and was going to have some tea and cream, but opted out of the tea and cream, brushed my teeth and went to bed.

This morning I weighed in and guess what?!


Felt good.

I don't know if it is the lack of alcohol (which seems to bring on munchies for me), or the fact that I've gone #2 (sorry, but not too sorry) recently. Maybe a combination of both. Either way, I'll take it. Maybe this challenge will help me get over my hump a bit.

Day 2:
No soda/artificially sweetened drinks Nope. Had none.
 No alcohol Check! Accomplished.
At least 20-minutes of walking each day Yup. I did a quick 20 minutes walk outside, getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.
Log all calories eaten Check! I clocked in at 1862. That's below the 2016 that I was supposed to hit, though.
Water intake of 8 8-oz. glasses per dayI lost track on this one. Oopsie.

Today is supposed to be my BIG CALORIE day. 2420 calories. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was super nervous about that. After weighing in back where I was today, I'm scared about floating up again. But I'm going to try to hit close to that and not worry too much about it. I also have to decide if I'm getting to the gym or working out at home. My sleep hasn't been so great lately, and I'm kind of tired, but I think I need to hit the gym. Ugh.

Happy Hump Day!


Mrs Swan said...

HOLY POOP a whole bag and you slept?? One full serving and I am listening to my tummy talk for a hour or two then running to the potty to have my intestines scraped out. To much of fake sweetener (other than splenda) totally ties me up and is like a colon flush. I TOTAL understand all of your feelings and share many from your 2nd post yesterday. The best thing for me I have found is to cut out sugar. Once I cut that out then the other things (more sugar and carbs) don't have as loud of a siren call. I do have very small amounts but like from BBQ sauce or the like. I have found that not to be a trigger.

Lori said...

Those sugar free candies make me go #2 too. A lot.

Bonita Gordita said...

Swan you crack me up. I had some horrendous gas, oh yes I did. And I agree with the sugar-cutting. I have it, and I crave it. I don't have it, it doesn't pull me as much.