I'm doing a bit better. But my better still feels pretty nasty. Lori, your'e right - I need to talk to my doctor. I have a wonderful gynecologist, and that's where I'll go. Hopefully she has some advice. I don't want this part of me to be the part that sticks in my family's head.

I haven't been doing so well on the tracking of my foods, but I've been doing OK on keeping my steps above 5000. Right now that's an accomplishment for me.

After balancing the checkbook last night, though, I've had a pain in my chest that won't leave (not heart attack pain, but muscle tense). My head keeps going to the back to school bills that will be mounting soon. I can't even really think about it. I don't know what to do. A year ago I asked, begged my husband to take over the bill paying. I've done it since we've been married and I really need to not do it anymore. It causes me too much of an issue.

I wrote out the dates, websites, passwords, everything so he could pay them  - which he said he would.

I'm still paying the bills.

I hate it.

Did I say I hated it? I did? OK thanks.

One thing that doesn't help me in this weight loss (I say "loss" because I have more to lose, even though I don't seem to be doing that lately) is the tracking. It's time consuming. My mother always made recipes off of what she had in the kitchen - one of the ways she was frugal. I carried on that tradition with my own home - however it doesn't always lend itself to throwing the recipe in a calculator. Sometimes I don't have the time or desire. After a long day I don't want to have to sit down and hammer out what I can remember into a calculator and try to figure out what I've eaten. If that happens too many times a week, though, it could throw me off track.

I need to find a place that is livable, though. I'm not sure where that happy medium is right now. Not tracking I won't lose weight. Trying to track, though, drives me insane.

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Lori said...

I know exactly what you mean about counting points/calories/etc. I cook from scratch almost exclusively and I get so weary of trying to figure out what it is worth in terms of whatever I'm counting. It's the worst!

Good luck with the doctor. Let me know what you find out.