Glutton For Punishment

I broke out the Russell Stovers again. And wine.

This monthly visitor hit me kinda hard. I know I'll be paying for this in about an hour. Me, and everyone else in my household. Sadface.

I only had 3. The serving size is 2. I'm learning. The horse has been led to the water, it is thirsty - it just... isn't drinking.

I've been hanging in there. Eating OK. Been a bit broke, and there's not much around here, so I've been eating peanutbutter doused with sugar free syrup off a spoon. Yogurt. Eggs. Things like that. I need to go shopping, but I literally drained our checking account to pay bills, and dipped into savings to pay for school supplies.

In my late-night dip into the local store to get some work gloves, I snagged some fake candy from the shelf, too.

In other news I sent an email that I think I regret sending. To the main people on our PTA. I think they took it the wrong way, and you can't really take back an email.

I haven't walked much in the last few days, so I'm certain that I'll be choking on the fat surrounding my heart at any day now.


Does anyone have a book recommendation for me? I like to listen to them, but also like to read them. If I have them to listen to, it helps a walk go faster. I just finished Ape House, and liked that a lot. Any suggestions?

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