Maintain Maintain


My week went pretty good. I haven't lost. I've maintained. That's OK. I wasn't tracking or weighing so I consider that a partial victory.

I had a couple drinks during the week, but nothing exciting. Maybe it was one.

I had a few this weekend, though, and even if it's a drink a night, I know that it shows up on the scale. I can't really lose and indulge very much. I do notice that I can sub out a Zevia soda and be almost as content most times, so it's a bit of a habit, and a bit of the need for a sweet treat I think. Usually if I have a drink at night (lately) it is a glass of wine or one of my low-carb cocktail inventions. Maybe in maintenance that would work, but I'm sure it's stalling/road-blocking me from moving.

I also made an appointment with my doctor to discuss the ratchet PMS symptoms I've been having, and to see if there is anything I can do to avoid them.

Because I did see a little movement on the scale last week, I aim to have a good week this week and be accountable. There's no way I'm making my goal, but I do want to see things start moving again. I'm ready. I don't feel the "newness" and excitement in my body anymore. I feel 250 pounds of Big Momma. I'd like to feel that newness again. It felt really good.

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Lori said...

I'm glad to see a post from you.

Maintaining isn't a bad thing. We have to know those skills for when we get to our goal weight.