Working Out For Health, Not Weight Loss

I haven't been to the gym in a month. No real reason behind it, I just haven't been there.

Well, I mean, besides the fact that I HATE it. That's probably part of it. I haven't been intentionally moving, though, as much. I go on my walks - but not with the frequency that I should.

Today I went, and told myself 30 minutes. For health. I can do it.

I dropped the kids off at practice, already decked out in my tennis shoes, armed with a water bottle. I'd already tried to talk myself out of it a few times, but was determined.

I made it. Did my treadmill workout - a decent one. Not the 3 miles that I've done, but a good one where I got my heart rate up and was pouring with sweat. 40 minutes total, but 5 of that was warm-up. Then I hit triceps, biceps and a little back, stretched, and was out of there within about an hour. Not too bad.

I had to race home, hop in the shower and rush through my hair routine to get back to get the kids - and I was tired. Working out tires me out, it doesn't really energize me. But it is good for my brain, heart, eyes, mind... everything. And that's what I need to remember - even over weight loss.

I'm going to my doctor today to talk to her about my horrible PMS symptoms. I'm trying not to feel negatively about it, but I'm not very hopeful that I will get answers that will help.


Lori said...

Let us know what the doctor says.

BTW, I hate the gym too.

Bonita Gordita said...

I'm so sore I feel like I'm dying, LOL.