Three Thousand Calories

Not too good:

That was yesterday. My weekend was a "fail" if I was supposed to track calories, eat with in my range. You know, those things.

Loss delayed gain.

I have to look at what was working for me in the past, and I had been doing that challenge when I was down to 249. I'll have to reel that back in again.

No soda/artificially sweetened drinks 
No alcohol 
At least 20-minutes of walking each day 
Log all calories eaten 
Water intake of 8 8-oz. glasses per day
If I remember correctly I was carb cycling during this challenge. My difficulty seems to come in on weekends. I do hard work all week, then weekends set in and with everything going on around here, I am not paying the attention I should. I don't fly off the handle, but I do drink too much and eat too much (even if I'm eating the "right" things).

Every day is a new day!

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Lori said...

I have the same issues on weekends. It seems like it should be easier because I have more time to focus, but it is not.