It's not a lot, but it's down and not up.

I cut off drinking during the week last week, and that was a nice experiment.  I didn't really miss it, and I ate less.  This week I tried to do the same, and ended up failing Monday and Tuesday.  We went out to dinner with friends Monday and then Tuesday... I just didn't feel like being strong apparently.


It's frustrating.  But I'm determined to keep with it.  Mainly because I feel uncomfortable.  It's so embarrassing, disheartening to know where I was just one year ago, and where I am now.  Part of me wonders if I should talk to my doctor about getting some sort of surgery to help me.  It goes against what I really want, but I also really want to be around longer than most fat-fat people are around.

I don't see many ladies my size or weight that are walking around into their 70s.  Something to think about.

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foolsfitness said...

Just a little note to keep up the fight! When I think about the long road I think how it didn't happen all in one day either, but many bad choices. But this is like a piggy bank (no pun intended) just a few calories saved here and there... a few more choices in good healthy moving add up. I think I read if you just cut a can of soda eat day (if you drank it) that works to over 15 pounds of calories over a year.

At the foolsfitness blog we've been up and down on the ride... but we are still hanging on. - Alan