Weigh In: 287 (Week 4 and n/c)

I don't know if I should laugh or cry?!

Week 4, same weight, no change.  I've DEFINITELY taken in less calories, people.  I've definitely changed my carb/fat ratio.  I could have done NOTHING and been where I am.

The upside is that I have felt better.  That's for sure.  Except for the past three days.  I really haven't done anything different, but I noticed that my energy was down, and my mood was kind of sucky.  I don't know if it is hormones - I'm on the other side of my period - or just  coincidence.

Who knows.  Hard to say.  I don't really know what exactly to change, or how to get my body to release some of this weight, though.  It's very frustrating.  But, I'm still not giving up.

One thing I definitely feel is hungry.  I don't want to eat, but my body is constantly telling me to.  I can finish eating a salad and it will growl, and I feel like I need something.  So maybe there is something I'm just not doing right (not enough fat, or not hitting the right nutrition combo).  Either way, it might be out of my reach right now.  I've just got too much to do, and not enough time to sit and micro-analyze my nutrients.

Last time I lost significant amount of weight I had to put enormous amounts of time into myself - something I just flat out don't have.


Lori said...

The good kind of fat, from lean animal protein and things like avocados and coconuts keep you full and actually help lose weight. It might be worth a little investigating to see what works for you.

Another thing I am learning, is that cortisol will wreck the best diet and exercise plan. It is important to do things to relax and de-stress as much as it is to eat well and exercise. It sounds like you are under a lot of pressure so that could be your issue.

Good luck! I know how sucky it is to do everything right and have the scales not respond.

Bonita Gordita said...

My doctor actually checked my corisol levels, and last time they were normal. She hasn't since then, though, and it's been a couple of years. You are absolutely right about stress levels. I'm sure they play a bigger role than we think in a lot of things, eh?