Weigh In: 287

It is highly frustrating to be intentional and have it not show up on the scale.  Especially during the first part of being intentional.  Sub the word "intentional" for "diet" and you'll understand.

I tracked calories.
I walked.
I paid attention and ate better.

And the needle remains the same.

OY.  Surriously?!

But, I'll admit, I wasn't trying to drop my calories below 2000 (which I need to do).  I was just trying to pay attention and track calories, and walk more.  Mission accomplished.  What doesn't show up on the scale is that I felt decent this past week.

So my next step in my mission would to pay better attention to that.  To feel better.  To be healthier.

I'm using this calculator again, and following these guidelines for a lower carb, but not ketogenic way of eating for the week, and see how I feel.

This past week I was so hungry most of the time, so we'll see how I feel using this.  I need to drop breadcrumbs or I forget what I've done.

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Lori said...

I have so felt that frustration! I think when we start trying we should register a loss. When we pass up a yummy treat we should lose weight. Anything done right should show up as quickly and in as large an amount as the screw ups.