Weigh In: 282

I'm going to put this weight down (which would mean a 1# loss), but I am suspicious.

See, I was actually UP in weight at the beginning of the week.  I had been naughty.  I just was.  Between going a little off track, and stress, I just figured I had to face facts.

I stepped on the scale Tuesday and it said, "Lo."

Batteries.  I need batteries.

But there was no time to mess with them.  I tried stepping on it 3 times, and it still balked at me, Lo.  Wednesday morning I tried again, hoping someone else took care of the scale's battery issue, but still, Lo.  I had an early morning appointment to get to, so I left it alone.  I also knew I was going out with the girls that night, and really didn't want to weigh in after that.  But whatever - such is life.

So today I tried to find batteries and we're completely out.  But I tried again.  And it did it's little search-y thing where the zeros dance in a circle for a bit before it displays 0.o.  OK?  I stepped on.  Maybe someone DID take care of the battery thing - finally.


Not really believing it, I stepped off and touched it with my toe again.  Lo.  I tried a couple more times (I like to weigh myself more than once in case it's a fluke).  Lo.  So, I'm just going to take it.  To trust.  To not get too wound up about the number, and just hope it sticks.

I'm battling a cold.  Never fun.  I'm sure the stress of my job situation doesn't help.  It's absolutely beautiful out today, though.  If things weren't turned upside down at work I might consider staying home, actually.  I hardly ever take a sick day.  I told myself I'd go in today and if I felt lousy, or if it became too nuts - I'd come home.  I have to remember my whole, "Take Care of Myself" mantra.  It's real.  And I feel cruddy, lol.


Lori said...

Take the pound loss! You've been working to lose weight. I could happen.

I hope you are feeling better.

Bonita Gordita said...

Thanks Lori!!