Better in BETA, and Over-using "Airquotes"

Sunday is my "free" day. I don't know why I say that, because I'm not really on any "program" or anything. I've just mentally put myself in this weird "BETA" mode of fitness and health. Like I said, it all started with Lent. And Sunday is a day where that you can break your "fast" if you choose. Interestingly enough I haven't really went on a "binger" (I'm totally just over-using the whole "quote" thing now I hope you know - imagine "airquotes").

I didn't "officially" start my fast at the onset of Lent, and I really don't like/want to discuss it too much because it is personal. But since we're friends, I'll share a little bits regarding my fast from bakery items/sweets/desserts. It started out rough, but is now very easy. My cravings are way down, but the habit remains (example: St. Patrick's Day dinner, being handed a cupcake, and accepting it out of habit... or automatically eyeing up the bakery items when I'm buying a coffee).

Last Sunday I had ice cream; this Sunday I did the same. It was nice, but a lot. I'm just not accustomed to all the sugar. I felt doped-up after eating it. But enjoyed it. Wasted a lot of calories on it, but whatever.

So, what I'm actually getting at is that today I took the kids to a movie. Got popcorn. I didn't completely deny myself because I wasn't sure that would be the best bet. But I got a little junior-sized portion with no butter and extra salt. It was a far, far cry from my regular butter-soaked bucket that I normally eat. Normally I'd have eaten more popcorn than I did today and would have tripled the calories with extra butter on top. So, hey. Go me.

I went for a walk, too. And later (gosh, what a day of JUNK) we ordered pizza, and I didn't eat it right away out of "habit" but instead waited until I had the kids in bed, and then grabbed 1 piece (rather than 3), ate it, and was done with it. No beer (even though I could have - I instead decided to just drink water) Followed it up with a grapefruit topped off with some Sun Crystals, and called it a day. It was not a stellar day, but it is a slow continuum of a more thoughtful, intentional way of nourishing my body. I journalled every bite.

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