Something interesting to note.

A coworker was telling me about a friend of hers who stopped drinking all liquids besides water for Lent. No coffee, soda, beer, wine, juice. Just water. And guess what?

She loses weight. 10 pounds so far.

Don't worry, I'll try not to get hysterical. So as my coworker is telling me this I'm thinking in my head how I've been counting calories and exercising, refocusing, being thoughtful... and have lost, well. Less than TEN POUNDS. My eye started twitching a bit, and my smile felt like a tight rubber band, ready to snap. My throat began forming words that had no way of coming out kind.

I continued to hold my grimace, "oooh-aaahed" at the fact that this person had simply given up drinking water, and WOW!? - then blurted something about how I could not believe that people are so ignorant to consume half of their daily caloric intake in liquids and totally NOT REALIZE IT. And then I remembered that, I may be fat on the outside, but I'm probably about as nutty as a food-conscious anorexic on the inside.

I'm not a "oops, I drank 1000 calories of Mountain Dew a day" fatty. I'm an "emotional-eater, obsess-about-food, body-likes-me-plump" fatty. I actually eat healthy. Healthier than anyone else I know (and I'm bigger than them). My body/brain likes to be fat, and works to keep me there. I don't sit on the kitchen floor with 5 chickens, a liter of soda and a tray of Oreos, eat it in 5 minutes, and then cry about it.

I don't really know why I'm saying this all, besides the fact that I'm on my period and sometimes I lose my grace a bit. But come on, now.

I get the part that she said that certain things don't taste the same when you're drinking water, so you're less prone to eat them. So instead of having a soda and pizza, she'd drink water and eat less pizza. Instead of a tea at night, she'd drink water and go for a walk. I'll give her credit for that. And I'll slap her upside the head for not realizing that drinking a mochachochafattywattylatte three times daily can probably keep you in your fat pants. Duh.

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