275 - Why Don't Fatties Just Get It?

It has been a busy week (or couple of weeks) and my weight hasn't done much. That's probably a good thing, though I'd rather say I was so busy I forgot to eat and (YAY) I lost weight, but maintaining is good too.

Actually, I guess I lost a pound since the last check-in. Good for me.

I haven't done great on eating, but I haven't gone off the wagon - I guess that is what the scale shows.

But I have to reiterate to myself: I FEEL FANTASTIC IN MY SKIN

Maybe not literally "fantastic" but I feel so much better in my clothes. So. Much. Better.

It is good to be back here. This 20 pounds make a huge difference in the way my clothes feel. I'm curious what another 20 will do. I'd really like to know, so I have to get back on track. I'm still 10 pounds away from my lowest low, and I want to break through that.

I'm going to get some bloodwork done to see if there's anything going on with me (polycystic ovaries, blood sugar issues), so that should be interesting. It's something I've needed to do for a while. I don't know if that has any issue with me having such a difficult time losing weight, but better to know than to ignore.

I do have to admit a little disappointment when they aim me at a nutritionist. Years and years of being overweight and battling my weight has nearly made me a nutritionist. It isn't nutrition for me that is an issue. It is my head, my heart. I've been to a nutritionist and it was a waste of time. It was one more (thin) person looking at me, thinking if I'd only eat right I wouldn't be a cow. I don't need to hear or experience that any more than I already have in my life - (some) thin people that think they have something over the fat people of the world because they've never had a weight issue.

I'm not trying to bash on thin people. But there's something in some of them that will never understand the BATTLE. Not to take away from the hard work that many people do in the gyms. There are plenty of thin people that work their butts off, and I salute them. Go thin people of the world.

It's like having a balance of $1000 in your checkbook, keeping the same income and expenses, and maintaining that amount. (thin people)


Having $500 in your checkbook, trying to reach $1000, but getting paid less and having to work more. (fat people)

The thin people think they have the formula, and wonder what is SO WRONG with the fatties that can't simply get it.

This didn't start off with a rant, but it seems to be ending on one. When I started thinking about my experience with nutritionists, it hit a nerve. My doctor telling me that brown rice and whole grains are better than white rice and white breads, that hit a nerve.

...Backing off this track. It's Monday and I want to start it off right. My clothes fit well, I'm still going at it. Results will come. I'm doing good.

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