Why I Hate The Wii AND The Scale... And Poop

I weighed myself again today. Normally that is reserved for Mondays (my "official" day), but as I said before, sometimes I like to weigh in on an off day.


Now, normally I'd get all upset about this, and feel frustrated. But, I KNOW I've had a (darn) good week this week. I've worked out twice, stayed within my calories every day. All. Is. Good.

This is where the scale tells you lies, lies, and more lies.

This is where I also roll my eyes at my weird body. I eat less, I lose, I eat less and exercise, I gain. I don't get it. But it's NORMAL for the freak that is me.

I hate the Wii because is makes that "Oooh" sound when you step on the scale, and I hate that if you have a weight gain "1.8" according to the Wii, it asks you, What do you think the reason for your weight gain is?

Unfortunately, there is not the option of, I haven't taken a decent poop yet this week, or I'd be selecting that one quite often.

Yeah, I went there. It's the truth.

I'm not entirely blaming the difference today on that, I don't really know or care what the problem is with my "gain" today. Like I said, I've been eating well and exercising, so the scale can bite my fat behind. I'm not going to let myself get suckered into feeling down about this one today.


Yesterday I had a NSV (Non-Scale Victory). I think my SparkPeople skimmed my calorie intake by 100 or something, because it was 18(something) and is now 17(something). It took me by surprise when I went to enter dinner, and ended up short.

My finagling mind started to tell me all ways I could cheat, go over a bit - and all the reasons why that would be perfectly OK to do, how I deserved it, and how it really wouldn't be a big deal at all, and just DO IT ALREAD, GO OVER!

I really felt like blowing it, in a small way, but still blowing it. I had some pork, tortellini, pudding and wine. I shaved my pork down to 2 oz., and then down to 1oz., then my wine I cut in half. I added a half serving of pudding, which put me over (but not over the old 1800-something mark), and stopped there.

I kept in mind that I have a girls night tomorrow, and will probably have a couple glasses of wine and some foods that I can't count to the exact amount. I reminded myself that this too shall pass and it was just food. What I had was yummy, I enjoyed it, and I didn't need anymore.

I made it through, brushed my teeth, was perfectly satiated.


Today is a workout day. I have a small window of time where I can actually do it, and I'm pretty determined to get it done.

Happy Friday to you - make it a great one!


Lori said...

I stopped weighing on the Wii too. I never felt like my reason for gain was listed and when I picked I didn't know, it would ask if I was sure. Once it even told me I couldn't pick that anymore!!!

Bonita Gordita said...

Oh my gosh, that's TOO funny!!!!! It hasn't said that to me yet, LOL. I wish I had another reliable scale. Maybe in the near future...