Greedy With My Weight Loss

After I posted yesterday, I realized I had hit a goal of mine.

I don't usually like counting it as having been made unless I surpass it (like getting a pound below it), but I'll put it:

257 (see this)

That was actually two years (three) ago that I posted that. I was 277 pounds, and talking about my resistance to change.

Today I weighed in at 277. My strange mental problem won't let me make it official. I thought on this off and on through the day, wondering what my malfunction is.

My head was holding me at the 300 pound mark, somewhere my head is very comfortable.

It's all good. Changes in the right direction. But it is still change, something I'm not always entirely comfortable with. If I have the strength to get down into the 250 zone I will literally poo in my pants. I'm 20 pounds away from 257, and 20 pounds away from 297. 
Which will win out?
It took a while, but somehow I've gotten to that 257. Surreal reading that and being here now.

I really didn't think it could ever happen. And I didn't poo in my pants. Right now amazing, to me, is the hope that I might get down to 238. I might actually lose 100 pounds. Am I getting greedy?


Lori said...

You WILL lose 100 pounds.

Bonita Gordita said...

Lori. I kind of think I might. I am very scared, but excited.