My Last Post Was Almost A Month Ago


I suppose it is bound to happen. Stalls. Gains. Bumps, Fall-offs. Slips.

I don't know what you'd call what is happening to me, but I'd label it as something that started with a stall out at 252, and has been frustrating ever since.

It's been a month and nothing is changing. I've hovered between 252 and 254, but I don't want to hover. Hovering, at this stage in the game, will lead to eventual gaining weight. I need to continue to lose or the frustration and emotions will set in, and I'm not ready to deal with that right now.

I can think of reasons I may be stalling:

  • alcohol
  • lack of intentional movement
  • artificial sweeteners

I can think of reasons I should be losing:

  • staying within my calorie range
  • more movement than normal

I guess I have to remove some of the reasons from the "why I might be stalling" category before I can rightfully complain.

So, here I go - putting myself on one of those 7-day jump starts on one of the worst weeks to be pulling reigns in.

Rarely is there a solid week that is a "good" week to do it, especially in summer. This week we have a graduation, I have my girl's night out, and Father's Day. Three "difficulty" days that could introduce alcohol and artificial sweeteners.

To be fair to myself, I will allow myself two drinks on each of those days, and allow myself artificial sweetener with the drinks. But remind me, then, that I can't start crying like a injured baby when/if the scale doesn't move next week. REMIND ME.

I also need to get to the gym, or get moving outside. I'll be honest, I haven't gone to the gym in two months. As much as it always seems to stall me out, I really don't want to stay where I am. So I've been contemplating getting back there, if only for two days a week. I'm not a big Gym Freak, and I don't think it is a necessity to lose weight, but I think there is a mentality that goes along with getting your but in the gym. It's mental.

Would two days on the treadmill kill me?

I really wanted to leave June lower than 250, and I'm not certain I can do that. But I need to, for my own brain. Please help me.

My goal for this week (and I WILL be back here to hold myself accountable):

  • 2 times at the gym 
  • stay within calories 6 out of 7 days no, 7 out of 7 - quit compromising, BG
  • at least 5000 steps on my step tracker each day
  • exercise at least three times this week
  • stay off the artificial sweeteners (Atkins bars, candies, etc. - need to retrain my taste buds)
As much as it feels like I'm torturing myself, I have to remember how awesomelyFREAKINGgood it has been feeling to fit well into clothes, feel them getting looser, see my face melting. 

getting tipsy
stuffing my face



Dieting to be a Skinny Bitch said...

I stalled at the same weight 252-254 for an entire month! I remember how frustrating it was!!! Getting 260 was a milestone for me and I tend to stall out at a milestone however not for a month!!! Good luck dont give up you will see that scale move.

Lori said...

Those stalls are no fun and often create a rebound in me as well. It is so hard to keep to our goals when life is happening all around us. I've always said that if I could go to a Swiss fat farm, I'd have no problem losing the weight. The problem is trying to figure out how to work our plans in the midst of the chaos. I am coming to believe that is what it takes to keep it off, the figuring out how to lose in real life.

You can do this.

Bonita Gordita said...

Thank you, Skinny-B. I appreciate that. I will never ever ever understand my body! Thanks for the encouragement.

Lori, you hit the nail on the head, girlfriend.

Elenamary said...

you've got this woman!

Bonita Gordita said...

Thank you!!!!!